How to get your MD5 Fingerprint for Android using Eclipse Keytool Plugin

If you're looking for easier ways to get your MD5 fingerprint without using the command line or terminal, then might as well follow this tutorial.

Note: I am using Eclipse Helios version (I forgot the version number).

1. Open eclipse.
2. Go to Help>Install New Software.
3. Now enter this website on the textbox: as shown on the image below.

4. Wait until the word "Keytool" appears under the "Name" table then click on the checkbox before it.
5. Then click on "Next".
6. Continue clicking on the next choices until you're done with the installation.

You will know that the installation was complete because you will find a new field in the Menu bar called "Keytool". Refer to the image below.

7. Now click on "Keytool">"Open Keystore".
8. Click on "browse" then find the "debug.keystore" under the ".android" folder. For Ubuntu 10.10, you can find this folder under "home/your_username". I am not so sure with Windows.
9. Now type the word "android"  as your password. (Be sure not to include the double quotes)
10. Now somewhere along your console area, a new tab called "Keytool" shall appear as shown below:
11. Double click on "androiddebugkey" and all the details you need for signing your Android maps API shall appear! :)

12. Copy your MD5 Fingerprint, and paste it on this website, read the agreement, check the checkbox to confirm that you fully understand the terms and conditions, then click on "Generate API Key".

And you're done! You can now use this API key in building your apps! :D
Happy googling!

Update: If you lost your keystore or you have not created one, then have a look at this tutorial:
How To Create Your Keystore & Alias & Recovering Your Lost / Deleted Keystore

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